Anxiety is both a brain issue and a mental issue.

It can happen to anyone. Anxiety means that your brain is stuck in survival mode. So it show up in our bodies, and also in our mind. Children can become hyperactive, irritable, get sleep disturbances or become very self critical. It can even provoke skin rashes, headaches or stomach problems.

Neurofeedback helps your brain get unstuck FAST, in four ways:

  1. First through gently unblocking neural pathways that are ‘stuck’ or ‘frozen’ as a result of overwhelming traumas or fears.
  2. By reducing the activity in the ‘sympathetic’ part of the nervous system, associated with the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.
  3. By enhancing the response of the ‘parasympathetic’ system, responsible for the calming effect resulting in relaxation, which can then allow the mind/body to heal itself.
  4. And finally, it increases overall normal brain functioning.

You will finally be able to apply all the coping strategies you’ve learned about and eliminate panic attacks. 

There’s no need to do talk therapy to get results, but we can do it if you’d like.

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